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Old 07-29-2011
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Default Multiple Desktops

Has anyone seen or tested a program to give Multiple Desktops to Windows Vista, similar to or just like you get in Linux systems such as Ubuntu and Fedora?

I still don't understand why Microsoft can not incorporate Compiz Fusion technology into the desktop. GOD knows they already demand enough RAM and CPU to accomplish this. It's true that you would need a pretty good video card (with a fair amount of memory) to get it to work, but "multiple desktops" has been around for a LONG LONG time. I think Microsoft needs to take a bow, and say... "ok, we'll join the party" and give us the same thing in Windows.

Anybody ??? I experienced ONE such application, and within 2 hours I wiped it off of my system. It was a POOR POOR attempt, and was not worth the time to try to tweak and troubleshoot for what it actually did provide.

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