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Old 12-03-2007
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Default The ONE Vista Networking issue

Allow me to intiduce myself. I am a network Expert and done my CCNA & CCSP. I have more than 8 years experience in TCP/IP and I am totally baffled with the network issues I'm having with Vista.

OK, Guys and Girls. Lets have your input on the following:

I have 2 sites with the "same" setup. You know; 3 or 4 computers connected to a ethernet switch. Netgear DSL router connecting them to the internet. 1 Computer on both of these sites is the "evil Vista computer". Yup, once I installed the new vista machine at both of these sites my problem(s) started.

The "file sharing (including printer sharing)" will just stop working between the Vista PC and the rest of the network. The Vista PC will also not be able to connect to the internet. Now this problem can start during the day; or the next morning. And although you might think it's a hopeless case; I can still ping the whole network from and to the Vista PC's.

Now I've checked: Permissions, File shares, Routing, IP addressing and DNS settings. I disabled some of the protocols including IP V6 but still no luck. I have managed to get the connection to the internet working a time or so; but then it's so damn slow that Dial-Up at 56K make my DSL connection look like it's stuck in a tarrpit.

Now I thought I have enough knowledge and/or patience for this Vista network. But hey lets hope one of you can assist!!??


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