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Old 04-07-2011
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Default Cannot access computers on the network

Ok, so this is a problem I've ALWAYS had with Windows. I REALLY need to solve this problem now, or I'm switching to UNIX <br><br>

Computer A: Vista x64 Home - connected to router by LAN<br><br>
Computer B: Windows XP Home - connected to router wirelessly<br><br>

Both of these computers are connected to my router's network without problems. Computer B cannot access the internet through the network (but, neither has the multitude of other computers who connect to our network wirelessly)<br><br>

Computer A can see Computer B in the Network Places, but attempting to access gives the error "network path not found".
Computer B can only see itself under Workgroup computers.<br><br>

I have enabled NETBios on both machines.<br>
Both machines are in the same Workgroup.<br>
Both machines have a shared folder on the desktop with permissions set to everyone.<br>
Both machines not only have firewalls disabled, but I have uninstalled them completely.<br>
Both machines have user accounts with the same name and password.<br>
Computer A has file sharing, printer sharing, and all that other crap turned on, and I have removed the need for a username or password when connecting to the shared files from another computer.<br>
Computer B has Simple File Sharing enabled.<br><br>

After hours of reading/doing internet articles, I have started a ton of different services on both machines, but I can't backtrack to find a list of all the services I have checked, started, or stopped.<br><br>

I've worked a lot on this today and I feel like there are other things I'm forgetting to list, but like I said, in a decade I have never solved this problem, regardless of which windows I am using or what brand/model of router (which have changed multiple times, obviously), so let's just start with what I've already listed.<br><br>

My goals are to, first and foremost, make it possible to transfer files between these computers, as I need to format computer A and have HUGE amounts of information that I need to save, and then put back on after installing Windows 7.<br><br>

My secondary goal is to make it possible for someone to connect wirelessly to my network, have internet access, and be able to share files and be seen on the network, regardless of their operating system.<br><br>

Although this is rather irrelevant, as my router is not restricting access to anything in any way (except maybe wireless internet access??), I'm using a Cisco Linksys E2000 for my home network.<br><br>

I appreciate any and all help!<br><br>

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Old 04-16-2011
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Join Date: Apr 2011
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70 views? Not only is that insane, but it's disturbing that nobody knows the answer.

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